Financial Literacy Conference

Financial Beginnings launched the Pacific Northwest's first financial education professional development conference for educators in 2014. Currently, select affiliates continue to offer an annual Financial Literacy Conference designed to:

  • Increase educators' knowledge in personal financial management
  • Increase educators' confidence in teaching financial education in their classroom
  • Provide educators with practical resources to incorporate financial lessons in their academic programming
  • Connect attendees with like-minded educators to share strategies and successes in financial education
  • Draw regional and national experts to provide attendees with best practices and emerging innovations

Contact your local affiliate to learn more about the Financial Literacy Conference.

Financial Beginnings launched Unraveling the Mysteries of Your Money in 2011 in response to requests from the community. Unraveling the Mysteries of Your Money is a quarterly series of free forums offered by local affiliates and open to the general public. Forums offer expert panelists who field questions and discuss finance topics that are relevant and timely in today's economy. Past forums have included:

  • Financing College (available in English and with live Spanish translation)
  • Never too Late: Mitigating Financial Troubles and Moving Forward
  • Stay Safe, Be Informed: Identity Theft and Financial Scams
  • What to Prepare for in the Ever-Evolving Economy
  • Life after College: Debt, Debt, Debt

Contact your local affiliate to learn more about upcoming forums near you.